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Indian students stopped from boarding flights to Canada

Indian students have been prevented from boarding flights to Canada amidst confusion around changes to rules on travel restrictions, The PIE News has learnt. 

Confusion around visa restrictions has led to Indian students being stopped from boarding planes to Canada. Photo: Pexels

Earlier this year, Canada announced that international students would be exempt from a travel ban as long as they had a valid study permit or had been approved for a study permit before March 18, 2020. 

“I explained all my situation…but they refused me again for boarding”

However, new rules mean that the Canada Border Services Agency is only letting students into the country if their travel is ‘non-discretionary or non-optional’. 

Confusion around these restrictions have led to students being turned away from flights by airlines even though they have bought tickets, have study permits and believed they were allowed to travel. 

“When I reached the IGI Airport in Delhi, I was trying to board, but the staff of Air India was not letting me [on the plane],” Ramanpreet Kaur, an international student who has a place at Lambton College in Sarnia, told The PIE.

“They checked all my documents and asked me for the Port of Entry letter, in which my college mentioned that my presence in Canada is essential.

“I was stuck there and arguing with the managers for three hours. I explained all my situation to them and showed all the documents which I had but they refused me again for boarding,” Kaur said. 

Kaur said that eight other Indian students were prevented from flying, one of whom was taking a hybrid course at a Canadian university. 

A statement on the Canadian government’s website explains that prior to boarding, air carriers are instructed to conduct an assessment of foreign nationals’ ability to travel to Canada based on CBSA guidance for the travel restrictions.

However, the decision to allow entry into Canada will rest with CBSA officers.

“CBSA continues to share and disseminate guidance to air carrier stakeholders, in the context of our role to provide guidance to airlines on persons appropriately documented to seek to fly to Canada,” a spokesperson told The PIE. 

The PIE asked Air India exactly how it assesses whether a student is eligible to travel to Canada but did not receive a reply at the time of publication. 

CBSA told The PIE that between March 22 and July 22, 235 foreign nationals travelling trans-border by air were denied entry into Canada. It did not say what number were international students. 

“We students are facing a lot already whether it’s financially or mentally”

The change in rules around students having to have a ‘non-optional’ reason to enter the country has caused great concern for some Indian students. 

“We students are facing a lot already whether it’s financially or mentally,” explained Ruhani Thakur, an Indian student who plans to study at the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg. 

“[The Canadian government] should understand the ground problems of Indian students.

If we wanted to study online and in our home country then why have we invested this big amount [of money] in Canada, while we can support our own country rather than supporting Canada for their economy?” she said. 

Students who are did not have their study permits approved before March 18, 2020 have also expressed concerns that their learning will be impacted if they are not able to enter the country.

A campaign has been launched on the website, which calls on the Canadian government to open its doors to all international students including those who were approved for a study permit after March 18.

“Not being in Canada may limit our learning experiences for several reasons,” a statement on the petition reads.

“Students may not have access to proper resources in order to begin or continue their education (ie: high-speed Internet, labs, research libraries, censorship of certain information in some countries, etc.),” it says.

The petition also notes that time zone differences may affect the ability of students to actively participate in classes and that research/graduate students may not be able to conduct their research or have access to resources that allow them to conduct said research.

According to the campaign, some students risk losing their funding if they are unable to begin their degree studies in the Fall, and some students feel unsafe in their homes and/or countries. Such places may not be conducive to learning.

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116 Responses to Indian students stopped from boarding flights to Canada

  1. If Canadian students must work online, why would foreign students be so PRIVILEGED to do otherwise ? Other than Trudeau another new Trudeau rule.

  2. Why are students from U S A exempted from the latest travel travel restrictions? Shouldn’t the easing of travel restrictions apply to all international students in an equal playing ground?

  3. India has got several Universities, Colleges they say that they have got the best education system, why Indian students want to come to Canada, already the Canadian students who have completed their studies are suffering with unemployment problem. They will never go back to India after the studies, will stay back.

    • @Ms. Usha,

      Firstly, you need to ask Canadian Govt. why are they relying on the international students for their economy or why do they promote education to international students?

      If they have enough of unemployment (as you say) they should refrain from encouraging admission and issuing study permits.

      It’s the Canadian Govt.’s discretion to allow international study.

      How dare can you challenge the Canadian Govt.?

    • If you think canadian students who have completed their education and are still unemployed because india students are taking their jobs….don’t you think that’s just because those students are more smarter and you should better study harder and be better that indian students who can’t take your jobs then. And in case, you think indian universities are better, correct they are but everyone has a lifestyle choice and where they want to live……the world is a shared space lol….we can go to whatever country we want. I bet i stole someone’s job here too because i deserve more than them.

      • Canadian students are smart and do study very hard just like any other student around the world…It’s just that these days, Canadian employers would rather hire International students at $14/hr or less through employment agencies…..They love exploiting cheap labour…just like China, India and Bangladesh

        Think about it sweetheart, the International students spend thousands and thousands of dollars into getting an International education in Canada… just to get a $14/hr or less job in Canada…

        Welcome to Western countries sweetheart…the real world is always harsh!

  4. Hey pie one of my friends was there too but he had passed through that and is now in Winnipeg. Perhaps “there was some problems with the college travel latter” he said to me on phone. Or it could be because of state that he went to have different conditions maybe.
    Let this be answered by our officials.

  5. Actually whole the students who are planning to come canada are having a fixed travel plan and quarantine and they are already invested huge amount for the transition, they are not demanding anything are not gonna harm canada in a way or another way, they trusted the nation thats why they chose canada, and this not the way how the entire nation treats them. We respect canada so we expect respect from them too, really sorry to the way of welcoming is completely complicated, many a families were destroyed by boreder officers attitude.

  6. It is un fair to stop students boarding plane. Once ticket issued should permit boarding.airlines action is attracious.Officer responsible for stopping should be counselled not to do this again.

    • Why are American students allowed into Canada whereas other students with the same admission conditions are not?
      Is politics or discrimination being played here.

  7. I applied in kpu university in surrey. Due to covid- 19, I deferred my course to next available semester but still, I don’t get any reply regarding my deferal letter. Whereas, I received my visa before 18th march.
    It creates a lot of problem, if we get response, it becomes easy to set our mind but, I think , my dream to study in canada is not easily fulfilled.

    • As I am a returning student, I have booked flight on Aug 24th under Vande Bharat. I do have work permit and having co-op for my 4th semester. Am I be able to fly?

      • Hi vivek
        You need to get a job letter from employer where you going to work it should state that you are returning to job or starting this job, duties, pay etc

        Once you have that then there is no problem to board i did the same thing right now i am under qurantine in edmonton

    • Hi.

      Please do share here if you will get the permission to to fly from india and will get the entry by cbsa there please i request you for that

  8. I understand that tons of people wants to come to Canada but I hope the government will realise that Canada is too crowded now . too much.specially Indian work 90% of new comers Indian students.

  9. Yes this is a big concern, its affecting each and every student mentally badly.This pandemic will end, but once our careers are destroyed, we wont get this back.I have got my visa before 18 march and booked my tickets.I am travelling this month,but every day living with a fear that what if they wont allow me?? And i am attending my online classes from may.But due to connectivity and time zone difference it is becoming very dufficult to cope up with this.Hope our voices reaches to canadian government and air india airlines.Please we are already in big loss,stop treating us like this.Allow us, we will follow all the guidelines of quarantine and cooperate with goverment.

  10. I really support the indian students who have their study permit in their hand but stuck over here its really huge loss students have paid alot of money to fulfill their dream but canada government is not doimg a single effort for students ..they should understand that what we have paid and what they are providing is worthless in term of online they should arrange flights or allow students to come their my sister is also in same situation .

  11. please help international students we r in a great loss and suffers alot

    please allow completely to enter canada to studenst

    i request to this channel also please help us and raise our voice in canada so tht we may have some solution with your help

  12. I am also internationl student and no one give clearity on our entry i am also one of them.who face alot why ircc and canad govermnt not allowing us and also not respondi’g to our probmls we have visa then why they are not letti’g us go

  13. Students have spent a lot of money on studying in Canada. The money spent is just going wasted. As in rural area, there’s a lot of internet issues, as a result of which students are unable to join the classes online. I request the Government to please allow students to move to Canada and continued with further studies whether its in-person course or not.

  14. I have applied to adler university in surrey but due to covid ihave my biometrics pending i m suffering from financial and mental pressure canadian government should think about us why we invested money and for what purpose .

  15. These students act as if the ones studying in india are losers and a waste. Why keep suck an expensive dream amidst this situation? Whip knows the Canadian government themselves do not want Indians to come in large numbers shamelessly. No use crying. Even in normal situations Indians have to face insults. Why go that far to settle. What is wrong with India for these students?

  16. I’m a student and i got visa before 18th march and my college is Niagara and my course is fully online.College said you need to join online classes from home country but due to internet restrictions and bandwidth limitations I’m not able to attend my classes here and i don’t want to defer my course because it’s not my option.i have already wasted my 5 months.we have our visa and now we need to prove that our travel is essential or not.i mean we paid huge amount of money to study in Canada.Why we choose Canada if we do our study here?? If i said to college that cbsa is allowing as i call them,then college said you need to contact airline if i confirm from airline then they said you need permission from college i mean what are they doing.???please give me travel supprt letter so that i do my study properly.

    • Same situation is with me. I got my visa before 18th March. They are not allowing students to board the flights whereas CBS agent (through call centre) told me that you can travel. But college is not issuing support letter even after providing after documentation. Huge stress on mind. Also, due to time difference, class timings are at odd hours in night. What are students suppose to do? I had always read Canada is so liberal country for students.

  17. This is not actually good . Hey I am palak handa.i got my visa before 18 march. My collge is nait . My classes are fully online and I hav travel support letter too. But what is actually happening at Delhi airport is..they allow students according to their mood 4 days back some students were denied by them as their letter was unsatisfactory (online) from Northern and lambton collge. Now yesterday the students of lambton and northern Collge were allowed to board with same letter and online classes . What is actually going on. Why are they doing this. They allow students according to their mood . The customer care is fake we called several times that if online students with support letter is allowed they always say yes …but at time of boarding they are not allowed . I am frustrated because of this . I haven’t paid 15000 dollars for online study in my country this is going to be very difficult as in rural areas there is not sufficient electricity..there are frequent cuts etc etc and time zone is the problem . We students want justice . We want correct official announcement by Indian and canada government whether online students are allowed or not with letter . Moreover we can’t take risk of 1.50lakhs ticket in vbm just to depend on their mood.

  18. Guys please dont to to foreign countries. I had the same hopes and I went to france, studied there, spent lot of money, lived for 3 years .. At the end all students went home .. no jobs .. lot of frustration and depression.

    Western countries are a market for students who think it is heaven there. It is not. It is just hell. Trust me.

    Bad food, no jobs, lot of racial discrimination and abuse.. Guys pls dont go abroad for your dreams.. make them in india… Trust me from my first hand experience.

    • Why go to a different country and leave your country in the first place? Be proud of our education system guys. No need to invest in other countries and develop their economy.

  19. My name is Kiran Vaghela, an international student of University of Windsor for fall 2020. I also hold study visa stamped In my passport before 18 march 2020 but still in great dilemma regarding eligibility for international travel.
    I would like to convey my message that india‘s corona crisis doesn’t look stabilizing in upcoming future and in that situation if canadian government dont allow indian students to travel with valid Travel documents Only right now regardless of their mode of study, then in upcoming future there may be chances of confining their international travel by itself Indian embassy. With the best hopes if the crisis situation turns out good in India, students will eventually be able to travel.
    So i would like to request to Canadian government to look on both side as eventually students need to be there in upcoming months.

  20. ” I have spent 18 lakhs of money to study in Canada 🇨🇦 and which by the way is loan by pledging my home, it’s been 9 months since I’ve taken the education loan. My dad is still paying the bank interest which is around 16k. I got my Visa before March 18 and still not allowing me to Canada. My place is some what isolated and I’m facing network problems so that it’s impossible me to take the online class. Please I humbly request you to take swift action for this Please allow all students who have a valid study permit before March 18 and POE . Please 😢

  21. All international students who are present in India due to travel restrictions are facing many problems especially the internet connectivity. Moreover we have spent lot of money to study in Canada. Its our request not to waste our time and money we have paid in lakhs. #Either the institution should reduce the fees amount for online courses or #they allow us to study inperson.

  22. Hello ,I am kirandeep kaur . I choose M college ,montreal for study .I got visa in january for may intake but due to covid19 ,my classes were postponed by september.Now ,my college ask me to take online classses but I have no sufficient equipment and internet facility to join classes .I want to go there and want to do study there .I do not want other delay .Now ,please help me to join my classes by giving me travelling permission .

  23. Why are students from USA exempted from the travel restrictions?-with all things being equal.
    Is there no level playing field?
    Exempting some and restricting others displays a form of discrimination.
    If exemptions are based on definite restrictive factors,like for example the approval of study permits prior the 18th of march,then ALL who meet this criteria should fall under that blanket-regardless of country or race.
    Would appreciate response from IRCC or CBSA.

  24. biometric are not open in india so i face problem due to this I don’t get,i request to govt please open VFS early

  25. Firstly i applied for may intake which need to deffer due to covid 19 ,now i applied fir coming september nd still my visa is in process. Im facing lot of difficulites as parents invest huge amount in canada for my higher im mentally sick and i have bo any other option to study.due to ircc inconvenience .what we should do now we r mentally sick and have no words to ans more

  26. Hiii. am jasvir kaur i am here in India for short period of time my passport visa stamping is expire I applied already in 10 of June i did not get my approval yet. On the other side my studypermit will expire this november and this my last program. I want to go back to Canada. My parents spend all money on my education. Even my father took loan from the bank. We have no more money to spend. Embassy are not open. More over restruction are apply only on students why even they spend alot of money to Canada. And Indian Goverment donot take any step to reopen it. I have lost my all money and at the end I am here.

  27. One more thing online study is very difficult to in India why we spend alot of money to Canada if We do online. My dream is not complete. We just get a loss. Here is many more problem to do study here. Only students are suffer this not other people. Internet problem day and night diffrence time diffrence. Finacial problem are create now.

    • My name is jaswinder kaur and I got the visa before 18 March and my collge is Yorkville University vancour and now I am studying online . I have face lot of problem in online study like I am from rural areas and there is a lot of internet problem so , I am not able to join my classes properly in my home country and I have lot of financial problem . I spent a big amount of money in Canada economy and my dream is visit Canada which is not fullfil because of travel restriction so please.give a permission to visit Canada and give me a travel support letter so I can travel Canada. Because airline said that you need a document for travel . Please help the international students as they spend their all money in Canada economy . Please help us .

  28. I am sorry. I am in Canada , I am working at a university and there is so much wrong I formation in this article .
    1) the 50% online study Canada is not applicable because the Canadian government has permitted recognizing the study you guys are doing abroad as study in Canada. That rule is valid till December
    2) any study you are doing in India or whichever rural area you are in is counted towards your PGWP . So despite the fact you are in India you still are getting the Pgwp perks ultimately.

  29. Puneet and Jasvir.
    Sharing my thoughts on your comment
    1) you for your visa based on your admission to a Canadian college/University
    2) if you feel it’s a waste , the. You can surely withdraw.
    3) the campuses are closed all over Canada so the concept of support letter requiring you to come to Canada is not applicable .
    4) whatever study you are doing is to my knowledge getting counted towards your Canadian degree and your PGWP which is the main thing.
    5) THERE IS AN ONGOING PANDEMIC ! it’s like we ignore the reality of this. You have the visa eventually you would travel once things have eased up. Until then treasure the time with your family, you will miss this within 4 months of being here in Canada, the main thing is your fees are being paid for 2 things a) it has provided you with a visa which eventually will come to fruition and b) your study credits are getting counted towards your degree and your post grad permit.

    The world is in crisis of sorts, we are all in it together .

    • You are totally wrong, I disagree with you!
      All withdrawals will be assessed with an administrative fees even in his situation. Which institute would give full amount if the students withdraw thier programs? Hence all the students are being forced to defer and study thier intakes online.

  30. One thing I never liked air india that much they dont even know what is happening in their own airlines. Prayers for those students as I know how difficult is to cross the Indian border now as they couldn’t control covid number. But canadian travel advisories already told students are exempt from travel restrictions and why air india is not updating their knowledge on what’s happeningaround the world.

  31. We students have spent a lot of money to study in Canada. Canadian govt. must allow us to come over there. They are saying that upto 50% of the course can be completed online, then what is the benefit of paying such a huge amount to them if we have to stay in our home country. Studying online isn’t much facile as they’re thinking.

  32. What is indian government trying to do here? We students should get an answer. You are running repatriation flights for taking people to those countries as per origin country rules. Why is this discrimination against student community? Do you understand we are your future?

  33. We don’t know when the flights will be open for students.
    We have just a hope . All students suffering from same situation.

  34. Hi,

    I have question about us. MY husband and I have obtained the COPR and TRV issued before March 18,2020 We need to land in Canada boarder

    Are we exempted frok travel restriction?
    Does the aircraft and canada boarder will denying us?

  35. As students invested huge amount of money and have valid study permit govt of canada should have to tell the students exactly when they are removing the travel restrictions because studesnts are very depressed as they fail to choose between travel or staying in thier country
    And this situation is not caused by students so why they bear huge losses,their dreams are in danger . Kindly we are requesting please give results as soon as possible

  36. This is the responsibility of Canadian government to call students whether our courses are online or offline because our study is getting effected due to restrictions . As well as pressure is building in our minds regarding our travels . Afterall , we have paid money to the concerned government and also we are unable to study properly online. Many colleges are not even replying to our emails even if we give all valid reasons for our travels and ask for support letter. They do not consider our mails as worthy.

  37. I had received my offer letter on April first week ,and my classes starts on September 8. I have to reach Canada before my semester starts , me and family depends the bank loan as my source of fees, each month I had received the interest letter from bank makes me more mental stress ,if the Canadian government hesitate to give a proper answer then what we can do its not for me only for the entire international students who are interested to study Canada .

  38. Yes it’s true,,after huge investing in education for Canada government,it’s their bounded responsibility to support students and benefits by their services too. Canada must see hear your cry and sufferings of innocent intellectual students.
    They should look into this and make students hassle free travell and allow to achieve their goals.

  39. After paying fees and following all guidelines students should be allowed.This is a matter of justice for international students who believed to study there.should be resolved immediately

  40. Seriously tension level is so much high because of all this that we are in great depression. It ahs been five months we are just keep on defering our course but for gow long. Sorry to say, is covid much powerful than humanity? Aren’t we take care of ourself? We have a sense of responsibility only then our parents are allowing us to go to other countries.

  41. Hey guys i am komalpreet kaur and i had applied at kpu surrey for fall 2020. I had got my study permit before March 18.My course is totally online including labs but it will be quite difficult to study online as one factor will be time zone and poor network.Moreover, some students will come across problems like back pain or eyesight problems , cervical problems which will not be during offline classes .what about comfort of those students?? Who will be responsible in those cases?who will help those students in their studies? However if they will attend offline classes they will not suffer from these problem and risk will be very low . Thanks to you for raising our voice. I request Canadian and Indian govt. to cooperate with the students so that they can achieve their desired goals.

  42. There is alot of complaining over here. None of which holds India responsible for poor virus control. Move to a city with better Internet. You all have loads of excuses but aren’t finding solutions. Such a weepy culture. Without resilience you will never make it in the western world.

  43. It’s a very crucial situation for everyone. This pandemic affected the whole globe.
    We as a student only, want to travel to Canada and will follow all the guideline prescribed by IRCC. After investing this huge amount of money to fulfil our dreams has to be completed.
    The government can’t treat us like the way they’re currently treating us. Try to put your selves in our shoes; may be you understand!!

    • Try to get a life where u were born. Why u indian deceiving ur own country invest such huge amounts for the country that raised u.

  44. This whole situation has been so stressful. Not only for Indians. I am Brazilian and I have everything ready to go back to Canada, but I am not booking a flight ticket afraid of being turned back.
    I have the same point of view as many others here. If we knew before we wouldn’t be able to get into the country, why Canada is giving study permits in the first place? The whole world is suffering economically, and at this time, if we are being forced to stay studying online from home, is it just better support our own home countries, instead of paying 3x more than a domestic student? We pay this high fee because we will be settle in Canada… what about now that we’re not able to fly there?
    IRCC is just focusing on who can apply for PGWP, but many courses in Canada you can’t even apply for that. What about the students who wants to start high school? Or the ones who has only Co-op? Or the ones that just want to learn English?

    They don’t know how much effort we have put in all this. How much money we have saved throughout years only to have the experience of living abroad. And Canada is not giving us any support.
    We understand we are in the middle of a pandemic, and we will do anything to protect our health and others.
    Test us in the airpot. We will do quarantine.
    There are many ways to deal with this situation.

  45. Please do something. Think about the students those have arranged the fee and funds very difficulty. Canadian government must think about the fall intake. I hope you must understand what i wanna say.

  46. In case they didn’t know, there is a PANDEMIC going on. Canada is hard pressed economically and our own citizens need the work, not handed over to peoples from another country. We are BILLIONS in the hole, people are hurting to go back to work here. It is SELFISH of them to expect another sovereign nation to hand over Canadian jobs to non Canadians, especially during a crisis like this. I am sure they can find a job in India. Not a Canadian? Not our problem, sorry.

  47. We the indian students are facing alot .These days also there are so many rural areas in india which don’t have good internet connections then how its possible to attend online classes. Its humble request to Canadian immigration to look towards our matter and help us out .please open doors for international Students. Moreover there is alot of time difference between India and Canada. Its so hard to cope up with all these situations. Please help international Students please.

  48. Did the guys who were stopped from boarding had COVID-19 test results (done within three days of boarding the flight) with them? Because I believe it’s a requirement to board Air India flight.

  49. Good so! Don’t allow Indians to fly outside the country! Why? Because India also refuses foreigners to enter India, even those with work permit

  50. I had recieved my visa before 18th of march and
    I request my college for travelling support and they had refused it .Moreover , i had all facilities to live in canada but still they are saying to do study in your own home country.I had defer My visa already one time as i live in rural area and in my locality there is network problem.So i want government should support students

  51. Yes i am an international student and i had to attend classes in may but due to covid i had to defer and now i have to take online classes there is huge time difference and also poor internet facilties in remote areas. Also we are suffering from financial problems …..just dont know how to handle the situation..i have my study permit

  52. I like this.Oh, here in Canada no school, college or University open then what u students will do here ??? You want higher study. You can do online it doesn’t matter which country you are ? Our Canadian economy not depend students. You guys come here not do study. Just finding illegal ways to do job and stay here. You guys money stay in Indian. Help India economy. Better to do crime and do illegal work other countries. Stay your home with ur family and do crime there. I wish this ban never finish atleast we not see any more criminal students in our country.

  53. Why go to canada just stay in your country & study we Canadian cant find employment & u guys are looking for work here. Everyybody knows u guys come for PR not to study. If u guys are so in love with Canadian study. Study online it will save u ur plane ticket on top u will get to stay with ur family & in a country u were born in.

  54. I dont understand why students want to go to CANADA at the moment . Going to do what , when all the schools even in your home country are closed ? The govt of CANADA has promised 50% online will count towards your PGWP. you don’t expect the govt of CANADA to start thinking of how to feed you when you arrived. Relax the world is in a mess.

    • I have a feeling this program is used as a backdoor into Canada and if that’s the case it should be terminated asap and everyone refunded…

  55. This whole situation has been so stressful. Not only for Indians. I am Brazilian and I have everything ready to go back to Canada, but I am not booking a flight ticket afraid of being turned back.
    I have the same point of view as many others here. If we knew before we wouldn’t be able to get into the country, why Canada is giving study permits in the first place? The whole world is suffering economically, and at this time, if we are being forced to stay studying online from home, is it just better support our own home countries, instead of paying 3x more than a domestic student? We pay this high fee because we will be settle in Canada… what about now that we’re not able to fly there?
    IRCC is just focusing on who can apply for PGWP, but many courses in Canada you can’t even apply for that. What about the students who wants to start high school? Or the ones who has only Co-op? Or the ones that just want to learn English?

    They don’t know how much effort we have put in all this. How much money we have saved throughout years only to have the experience of living abroad. And Canada is not giving us any support.
    We understand we are in the middle of a pandemic, and we will do anything to protect our health and others.
    Test us in the airpot. We will do quarantine.
    There are many ways to deal with this situation.

  56. It’s clearly mentioned on Canada government’s website that the student should have
    1) study visa issued before 18 March 2020.
    2) Proof that the student has ‘non-optional’ or non-discretionary reason to enter the country. For that purpose, they should have a letter from their institution clearly mentioning that the student needs to attend the classes in-person. They can not fly without this support letter. As mentioned, Ms. Ramanpreet Kaur didn’t have this letter. The proper information can be seen under the headline: Non-optional and non-discretionary purpose of travel. The link is:

    Different colleges are issuing letters with different wording but this wont work unless it is clearly mentioned that they have to attend the classes in-person or the study includes work in laboratories or workshops.

  57. Please lift the travel restrictions for International student..I am waiting from a out 4 months. I have study permit and now I have to attend online classes and that’s too difficult.and for those who are saying that we are making an excuse try to do it by yourself.

  58. I can understand the frustration and anger from All the students.
    To be Frank, student’s who got their Visa’s approved should be thankful enough you see some people who could not get their documents done to file Visa’s and while other need to wait bit more to take ielts tests.
    Some of you already have Visa’s and courses has been delivered through online which good. You can be at your home but you will credited for your courses work done through online.
    You will be eligible for pgwp too it’s like killing two birds with two stones.
    Please don’t forget we are in the pandemic even people here in Canada are struggle with restrictions which already placed. you can’t even get your groceries properly.
    Even if you are allowed into Canada problem not over yet
    You need to find a space to live in, you have to
    pay for room rent, food expenses, phone bills etc to
    Cover these expenses you have to have some savings
    To carry for a while until you can find a part time.
    In my case in 2017 it took almost 4 to six to find one parttime while everything was alright. You people know the situation going on now. It takes years a land on job
    And by chance you got one you should be cautious about covid what if you got effected have you have a health insurance to cover….all these need to be taken into account before jumping the gun.
    I’m not to scare you guys..but see the reality

  59. Come on students!!understand there are restrict in Canada too during this tough times, why not relax and wait where you are till everything is settled even Canadian born students are sitting home and waiting for this covid19 to go away

  60. Why these indians r crying?

    You must be saving huge money by studying from india.

    But you still crying shows that you guys wanted to abuse Canadian system and work illegally to pay next years fees.

    This model that you guys have used cant work now due to travel restrictions and hence, all this cribbing.

  61. If there are restrictions it should be for all corona is not the friend of American students that it cannot come with them.
    Secondly all permanent citizens are allowed whose age is above 40. They can aslo carry corona virus.
    Third point we have paid a large amount nearly 20 lakh to study there not to take online classes from home country India. I have my visa approved from 13th December 2019. Still cannot travel have already taken first semester online and its completed from my home country. What is wrong with canadian govt. Even Australiaz, uk, new- zealand they have also opened the way for international students than why canada is sleeping where maximum international students go from India. Wake up canadian govt in favour of international students.

  62. This fall semester is online! Why would you come? I have read that many of you are in debt, meaning that you are lying to the Canadian Immigation System! Receiving a letter of acceptance is one thing; having money 100% tuition fees, plus boarding and other expenses should
    for one year was requested when I came to Canada as International student and when I became PR also rquest to have a Canadian bank account with certain above 10 000 CAD over the entire process of 18 months. 2009 before the rise of massive Indian Immigration with PM JT new rules Immigration. Imdians are the 1st immigrant group 2.Chinese, there are parts of BC and Ontario where there are no white people.Who is going to support you during this COVID-19 crisis, student work permits are for part time jobs and right now the % unemployment rate is higher, youcwiuld not have any right to claim a$$$ aid to the government

  63. If the work permit holders can come to canada , if the PRs come to canada , then why don’t students come who have paid high fee to colleges.

  64. Hi everyone, who is dreaming about studying in different countries, it is mere waste of money and your time. Try doing or achieving something in India instead of taking huge loans and rather working as a slave in some other country. Going abroad is not an option.

  65. Hi Usha,
    I am not a student or a residence of Canada and im not here to argue on this thing , why studwnts go to Canada or any other country. Most important i is for their better future . Yes there are lots and lots of Unis and colleges here but how many of them working legal . And also the students gets admission on merit basis. If you talk about compitition most of the seats are taken by the students who score more than 95% and the rest have to the course which they never think off and thats why they come abrod. I am also not dening that some students have some other mindset. We can’t read minds right. Even if i ask you for how long you been staying in Canada .It might be you are born and bought up there or your parents flew there or ansesters . For their childrens better future. If someone can afford studing and fulfill their dreams they can do it .

    Also as you have mentioned for the people or the students who are Canadian Citizens and they dont get jobs. Every country when they have job vacancy they perfer Citizen first and then the Residents and then at the end the select immigrants from other country.

  66. The situation created by COVID-19 is unprecedented. No foreign national has a ‘right’ to enter another country even under the most compelling circumstances. In case of South Asian students, studying abroad is merely a ploy to settle down there permanently by fair means or foul. Quality of education in India is comparatively on equal footing, if not better in some cases. Students should stick to their own country for education.

  67. Are u all crazy. We as Canadians want first security for our lives. It’s nice that they take stringent protocol from countries which had higher prone to COVID.

    • You are so correct Trump. Thank you for being a true Canadian. These people try everything to get a 3 Rd class universities with primary objective of getting a landed paper.

  68. If canadian government do not want international students to enter canada ,atleast they(canadian government) should refund all the tuition fees and gic without any tax deduction and charges upon international students.

    (I also got my visa before march 18,2020)

  69. I’m a student and I received a work permit approval letter before 18th march and my college is in VANCOUVER and I was able to register only 3 courses because the other courses have lab and I have to be there for able to register. My College said I need to join online classes from home country but due to internet restrictions and bandwidth limitations I’m not able to attend my classes here . I have booked a ticket to travel on August 26’th and afraid of being turned back. .I have already wasted my 5 months.I don’t know what to do, getting more and more nervous

  70. See We all( international students) are mentally and financially facing a great dilemma and distress now. Please do understand our situation, our dream, our passion to study over there! rather than finding a solution for taking off this travel ban restriction on international students, what big deals and modifications you do for online classes and etc is just useless..”we dont want a dummy online classes. We prefer, dream to come over there and pursue our graduation”! Note it humbly all the canadian higher authorities….who are taking decision over this great task.

  71. Air India is shifting the blame to CBSA, it’s Air India that’s not allowing students to board flights. Unfortunately Indian government is allowing this blatant abuse in the name of Vande Bharat. If they deny 10 students with some excuse – Air India can sell those tickets at high price to others. Open corruption supported by HS PURI LED AVIATION MINISTRY

  72. my study permit is before march ircc letter with me iam ready to quqrqntile 14 days i take appartment in canada agreement with me can i fly my ticket also ready vande matarm

  73. When student visa is approved before 18th March ,and Cangovt give exemption on travel restrictions.

    Students submit quarantine plan as per IRCC guidelines,

    When college explains the challenges posed by online certain curriculum and request for entry to Canada.

    Where is the question of discretionary/optional travel.

    Other students who are permitted, are equally vulnerable to the risk of COVID19.

    If such is the case why students after waiting to settle the dust for such a long time are denied entry.

    Either Canada Government hold all curriculum and do the justice to all concerned.

    I appreciate Canadian government to contain the pandemic, which is due to Good Governance. This can be done even after allowing the students who have high aspiration to build career after acquring qualification from countries like Canada.

    Moreover when students are subjected to quarantine, where is question of them to be risk of spreading Covid19.

    With this students feel are arbitrary being rejected due clarity on the rule.

  74. Canada must not allow foreign students else Canadians will be at high risk , already 10 million ppl are already affected with covid in India

  75. my daughter was also stopped by Air France ground staffs on 4th August 2020 citing that students going to Canada on Student Visa (even though the visa has been issued before 18th March 2020) are not allowed.

  76. This for those who are saying to indian students.. To us that we should study in our country let you know one thing if international students will not come canada then it’s loss of your country not our.. Get that!!!!
    I request to 🅒🅐🅝🅓🅘🅐🅝 🅖🅞🅥🅔🅡🅝🅜🅔🅝🅣 🅸🆁🅲🅲 and 🅲🅱🆂🅴 𝐨𝐟𝐟𝐢𝐜𝐞𝐫’𝐬
    Please allow those students who get their visa before 18march because we really have low speed internet here we can’t study here through face time.. We all are suffering through financial and mental problems..
    I hope you will understand

  77. Past two months many of my friends are booking tickets and some has already reached Canada. I wonder how you guys are reacting on single person dennied entry.
    There is no news of them who have reached there but this is becoming viral that one has stopped.

  78. “MIGRATION IS COMMON IN ALL LIVING BEINGS” For Example: Individual living in Rural migrate to Urban, Urban migrate to Overseas, Soo its childish to think why coming Canada?
    Such discussion has no end.
    Well, I had few doubts if any one can clearify please,

    Are flights running normally for students presently?
    If not, does anyone have any idea about evrything to be normal before Jan 2021 intake?

  79. this morning a British student was denied boarding by Air Canada because their visa extension was still ‘in processing’. today is exactly 12 months since they applied for the extension (to go into 2nd year at university in Manitoba)

  80. Pls tell weather student are allowed to travel to Canada if visa is before 28 march. Urgent b.coz my flight is on 5 sep

  81. As per the CIC website, you need to show the minimum funds of 1 year + 1 year cost of living. I have here the sample computation from CIC website. If you have a huge family coming to Canada, you are expected to show more funds:

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